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Ruth Darby Series Character: Peter & Janet Barron

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Death Boards and the Lazy Lady Doubleday Crime Club 1939 Set in the Caribbean
Death Conducts a Tour Doubleday 1940 Havana backdrop
If This Be Murder Doubleday Doran 1941 Story based in Mexico
Beauty Sleep Doubleday 1942 Book set in Long Island, New York
Murder with Orange Blossoms Doubleday Crime Club 1943 UK: Frederick Muller 1947
Book set in New York City

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Ruth Darby Author Biography - Information About the Author
Ruth Darby is listed in Hubin's crime fiction reference book, the main series characters are Peter and Janet Barron who appear in all the books in this bibliography.
The one book published in Britain is duly noted, it's rare, we can't recall ever actually seeing one in the flesh.
Collecotrs should be able to put a full set of American first editions in dust jackets together. Th edust jackets have effective artwork but not as alluring as British artwork of the period.

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