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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Doctor Syn Nelson 1915 DJ 7/6. US: 1915 Doubleday
The Slype Holden 1927 DJ 7/6. US: 1928 Dial
The Vandekkers Butterworth 1929 DJ 7/6. US: 1930 Appleton
Herod's Peal Butterworth 1931 DJ 7/6. US: 1932 Dial as The Devil in the Belfry
The Water Witch Butterworth 1932 DJ 7/6
Jet and Ivory Rich & Cowan 1934 DJ 8/6
Doctor S*n Returns Rich 1935 DJ 7/6. US: 1935 Dial as The Scarecrow Rides
The Further Adventures of .... Rich 1936 DJ 7/6
Doctor Syn on the High Seas Rich 1936 ECB list Jan 38 cheap edition
The Amazing Quest of Doctor Syn Rich 1938 DJ 7/6. May 38
The Courageous Exploits of .. Rich 1939 DJ 7/6
Show House Sold Rich 1941 DJ 8/6. Actual release Jan 42
The House of Jeffreys Rich 1943 DJ 8/6
The Shadow of Dr .. Rich 1944 DJ 8/6
The First Englishman Rich 1949 Dust jacket priced 9/6

Further Information
Russell Arthur Thorndike was born 1885 - 1972, had two main series characters, the good doctor that we all know and Mr Macauley.
Actually spelled ike, although even some of his own books contained the mistaken spelling of yke
We hope to bring more information to this page in due course, if anyone has any information that they would like to send us, please do feel free to get in touch.


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