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Rupert Penny

The Talkative Policeman

Collins Crime Club 1936

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The Talkative Policeman Is a quite exceptionally ingenious detective story. It is frankly a brain-teaser. It takes the reader through the entire routing of a crime investigation, presenting him, as it were, with the complete case-book of a murder and challenging him to make what he can of it. The author says, in effect: " I am going to give you every possible detail; now it's up to you to sort them out and solve the case." Undoubtedly what the true detective fan likes to do is to solve the puzzle for himself, and here he is given every chance. There is no trickery, no distraction, simply a case and a challenge to solve it. Mr. Rupert Penny is to be congratulated not only on his daring but on his ingenuity. The Talkative Policeman will provide you with plenty of entertainment. Here is excellent fare that is the very food for thought.

Rupert Penny

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