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Rupert Penny

Policeman in Armour

Collins Crime Club 1937

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RUPERT PENNY has made his own special niche in detective fiction. For in his novels he makes the time-table of crime as fascinating a problem as Anthony Armstrong made it in his famous play, Ten Minute Alibi, which drew London audiences for nearly two years. And like Mr. Armstrong, {better known perhaps as "A.A." of Punch), Mr. Penny has a welcome gift of humour to refresh you when the case seems almost impossible of solution. In Policeman in Armour he once again guides you through the evidence up to a certain point, then turns on you and says: " Now you ought to know who murdered the man, and how, and why." But do you know ? Test your brains and see. You will find it an enthralling-game.

Rupert Penny

Crime Fiction

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