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John Rowland

The Death of Nevill Norway

Herbert Jenkins 1942
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John Rowland

NEVILL NORWAY was a philanthropist. Everyone liked him and his cheerful ways, so it seemed impossible to find a motive for the outrage when he was brutally murdered. The people of the little Cornish town where he lived were convulsed with anger at the manner of his death, and a demand arose for vengeance upon those who had been responsible for the evil deed. This exciting story of crime and punishment brings to life the rural Cornwall of the last century, and John Rowland, who in "Slow Poison" told the tale of a master poisoner, once more utilizes the annals of criminology to present a. grim and grip* ping tale of a murder which really happened. A novel which, in every respect, is well up to the standard of John Rowland's many successful crime stories

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