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John Rowland

Gunpowder Alley

Herbert Jenkins 1941
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John Rowland      Alex Jardine

WHEN murder was committed on the threshold " of the home of a famous newspaper proprietor there was naturally great excitement. It transpired that this was more than an ordinary murder case, for the affair linked up with evil events from the past. Even with the assistance, willing and unwilling, of Henry Fairhurst, the meek little man from Streat-ham, and Angus Macgregor, star reporter of the JVeuJS-Post, Inspector Shelley faced an almost hopeless problem in criminal detection. Before the case was brought to its successful and unforeseen conclusion it promised to involve the whole newspaper world with it, and the underworld of unsavoury night-clubs and East End " dives" which crime reporters so often frequent to collect their information. " John Rowland is in the front rank of mystery-story writers," says Public Opinion. " His direct, straightforward style and breadth of plot cannot fail to please."

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