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John Rowland

The Cornish Riviera Mystery

Herbert Jenkins 1939
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John Gawsworth is a pseudonym of T.F.I. Armstrong
Poet, editor and self-styled "King of Redonda"

John Rowland    

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Murder was committed in the dining-car of , the Cornish Riviera Express. Cursory investigation revealed two points of interest—a small, pin-prick puncture encircled by a white weal at the back of the murdered man's neck, and, lying on the floor, a tiny wooden dart of which the point was stained red. To Detective - Inspector Shelley, himself a passenger, several significant facts were suggestive of hidden motives. His cross-examination of other travellers, however, did little to elucidate the problem. Almost everyone appeared to have something to hide and each new disclosure served only to , confuse the issue. For the first time in his brilliant career as a hunter of men, Inspector Shelley came face to face with failure. The killer had covered his traces too well; the essential clue that would unswervingly point the finger of guiltVas missing. But was it ? This enthralling, cleverly constructed story, adroitly designed to challenge the reader's powers of reasoning, will stand high in the list of the season's best detective stories.

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