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John Rowland

Calamity in Kent

Herbert Jenkins 1950
Jacket artist unknown

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John Rowland's new novel is a variation on the theme of a murder committed in a room access to which from the outside world seems impossible. In this case, set in the peaceful little Kentish seaside town of Broadgate, a man, stabbed to death, is found inside the cabin on the cliff railway, locally known as the " Broad-gate Lift." He was not there when the liftman went off duty on the previous night. Yet, although the locked gates have not been tampered with, the body is found there on the following morning.

The case seems to be designed to give a real opportunity to Jimmy London, a young journalist on holiday, particularly as Inspector Shelley, Rowland's popular Scotland Yard man, is quickly on the scene. Altogether this is one of the most thrilling of the many mystery stories that have come from John Rowland's pen.

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