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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Dead Easy Scion 1950
K.O. for Keeps Scion 1950
Over My Dead Body Scion 1950
Tomorrow the Chair Scion 1950
To Sleep No More Scion 1951
Excuse My Gun Scion 1951
Drop that Gun Scion 1951
Lüger lullaby Scion 1951
Mister Forty-Five Scion 1951
So long, Johnny! Scion 1951
Let's Shoot this Out Scion 1951
It's Murder, She Says Scion 1951
Bullet Proof Scion 1951
I'll Fry Yet Scion 1951
Hot Ice Scion 1951
To Sleep No More Scion 1952
The Dame Came Late Scion 1952
Give Me a Gun Scion 1952
Call Me Sometime Scion 1952
It's All Yours Scion 1952
You Don't Die Twice Scion 1952
Live Till You Die Scion 1952
Get Out and Stay Out Scion 1952
The Voice of Vice Scion 1953
No Percentage in Death Scion 1953
One-Way Trip Scion 1953
Milestone American thriller Milestone 1953 Short story: Jail Bait!
Dame Trouble There Scion 1953
Dames Don't Dictate Scion 1953
Misguided Angel Scion 1954
Reckless Scion 1954

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Ross Angel Biography
Ross Angel presumably a pseudonym. Pulp titles, expect them to be undated. The titles above are based on the British Library reception date, though that is not a definitive guide to true chronological order when more than one book is published in a year.
Collectors are in for a hard time trying to put a set together as they are, in our experience, very difficult to find. The fragile nature of the publications and presumably lower print runs than some of their SCience Fiction titles accountable presumably.

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