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Ronald Johnston Bibliography

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Ronald Johnston Series Character: James Bruce

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Disaster at Dungeness Collins 1964 Reprinted by Collins in 1967
US: Doubleday 1965 as
Collision Ahead
The Stowaway Collins 1966 US: Harcourt Brace 1966
Red Sky in the Morning Collins 1967 Dust jacket priced 16s
US: Doubleday asDanger at Bravo Key
"Cold war suspense in the Bahamas"
The Wrecking of Offshore Five Collins 1967 US: Harcourt Brace 1967 (Hubin states 1968)
The Angry Ocean Collins 1968 US: Harcourt Brace 1969
A ship based mystery book
The Black Camels of Qashran Collins 1970 Dust jacket by Ferenc Pinter
US: Harcourt Brace 1969 as
The Black Camels
Book set in the Middle East
Paradise Smith Collins 1972 Dustwrtapper artist Brian Lubrani
US: Harcourt Brace 1972
The Eye of the Needle Collins 1975
Crusoe Test Macmillan 1976 Under the pseudonym Mark Nelson
US: St. Martin's Press 1976
Sea Story Futura ? 1983 Was the UK a PBO? No hardback found
US: Atheneum 1980
US Dust jacket artwork by Stephen Marchesi
The Flying Dutchman Macdonald 1983

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Ronald Johnston Author Biography - Information About the Author
Ronald Johnston was born in 1926, he's a Hubin listed crime and mystery author whose main series character is James Bruce.
There seems to be quite a few incorrect dates in Hubin for this author, we've corrected as and when required.
A tricky bibliogrpahy as you'll note the odd change in precedence between Brish and American publications, some books appear not to have been published in America.
Note the one book published under a pen name.
First edition books are collected, especially by those keen on the nautical genre. They are very reasonably priced and a full set of first edition books in dust jacket need not break the bank.
They also benefit, for the most part, from attractive dust jacket artwork.

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