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Ron Watkins Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
A Paper Chase Robert Hale 1972
Death Draws the Curtain 1973
No Useless Coffin 1976 A Druid's ceremony setting
Make Haste to Die 1976
Sinner Takes All Robert Hale 1979 Dust jacket photograph by Jim Cambridge
Lowry's Revenge 1996
Showdown in Hawkesville 1996 Hal Smith is sheriff in the town of Hawkesville
Texan Bounty Hunter 1997
Guns Over Adamsville Robert Hale 1997
Mountain Guns 1999
Gunsmoke Over Eden 1999 Gangs and the Pinkerton Detective Agency clash
Ambush Valley 2000
Stagecoach to Damnation Robert Hale 2001 Vendettas start when Miss Chambers is shot
Sharpshooters for Hire 2002 Runaway gamblers and train robbers fight it out
Remember the Alamo 2002 A Black Horse Western
A Bullet for the Preacher 2003 A preacher is shot dead
Sharpshooters Go West Robert Hale 2004 New York sharpshooters McGee and Salmon
Bounty Hunter's Revenge 2005 Adam Milton rides into the sleepy town of Cotterton
Limos Outlaws 2005 Lieutenant Rand goes to Mexico
Sharpshooters and the Rainman 2006
Return of the Bounty Hunter 2008 Bounty hunter Ben Daley goes back to Alderton
Sharpshooters in the Hills Robert Hale 2009 A cartographer Roger Stone disappears in the Black Hills

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Ron Watkins Author Biography - Information About the Author
Ron Watkins, born in 1930, is a Hubin listed author, he also wrote Western / Cowboy books as well as crime and mystery books.
We're not sure what say the break from 1979 until 1996 but from then on it was all Western novels (not included in Hubin).
We've listed every title held by the British Library. Apart from a few copies for general use and promotion these later books were printed purely for public libraries making non-library copies rare to almost non-existent.
Some of the books were also issued in Large Print format, we can find no record of paperbacks being issued.
If you want to collect the books by Ron Watkins you'll find it difficult, for reasons already outlined, that said any collectable copies that do show up need not cost the earth.

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