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Roland Vane Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Night Haunts of Paris Federation Press 1926 Reprinted in 1949 by Archer
Degradation ? 1929 Reprinted by Gramol Publications 1940s/50s
Chums of the Northern Patrol Goodship House 1929 As E.L. McKeag
A naval story of the great war
Woman with a Past Archer Press 1949
Wanton Wife Archer Press 1949
Bride for a Night. A novel Modern Fiction 1949
Love for a Night Modern Fiction 1949
Casanova, Prince of Lovers! 1949
White Slaves of New Orleans Archer Press 1949 Stunning artwork be Reginald Heade
Conquest. The Prince of Lovers Modern Fiction 1949 Retold from the famous memoirs of G.G. Casanova di Seingalt
The Devil's Playground Modern Fiction 1949
Love Denied by Roland Vane Modern Fiction 1949
The Girl Who Surrendered ? ? Not in any national library
Sinful Sisters Archer Press 1950 One of Heade's best known paintings
This Thing called Sin Archer Press 1950
Girl from Tiger Bay Archer Press 1950 A tale of London's “Harlem”
Vice Rackets of Soho Archer Press 1950 Reprinted in 1953
Sin Stained Archer Press 1950 RH wrapper design
Ladies of the Red Lamp Archer Press 1950 Cover artist Reginald Heade
Her Dilemma Modern Fiction 1950
Clip Joint Girl Archer Press 1952
Silken Divans Archer Press 1952
Amorous Adventuress Archer Press 1952 US Leisure Library different artwork
slightly mediocre Heade cover, UK much better
White Slaves of the Red Lamp Archer Books 1952
Willing Sinner by Roland Vane Archer Press 1952 Superb artwork by Heade
Woman of Montmartre Archer Books 1952 Artwork by Heade
White Slave Racket Archer Books 1953 Artist Heade
Slaves of Passion Archer Books 1953 RH cover design
Call Girls of New York Archer Books 1953 Heade cover
Pick-Up Girl Leisure Library 1953 American edition, UK ?
Silken Sin 1953 Heade wrapper
Juvenile Delinquent 1953 Artwork by Heade

Cover Artist: Reginald Heade

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Roland Vane Author Biography - Information About the Author
Roland Vane is a pseudonym of Ernest Lionel MacKeag who was born in 1896 and passed away in 1974 according to the British Library.
Some of the Roland Vane books are not a rare as many others in the genre, readily available in fact but usually the same few titles every time in our experience, American editions especially. Most of the titles remain very elusive, many never even seen by us in all these years.
Strangely there is sometimes a difference between the UK and US covers, why commission Reginald Heade to do two different covers? Perhaps two versions were submitted so they used both - who knows!?
This is an exhaustive bibliography of Roland Vane's books, he's not in Hubin, we've used every ntaional library, copyright resource and our own collection to put this list of books together.
If there is another book out there that's not included in this list then please do email us the details.

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