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The following Roger Ormerod bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Time to Kill Robert Hale 1974  
The Silence of the Night As Above 1974  
Full Fury As Above 1975  
A Spoonful of Luger As Above 1975  
Sealed with a Loving Kill Robert Hale 1976  
The Colour of Fear As Above 1976  
A Glimpse of Death As Above 1976  
Too Late for the Funeral As Above 1977  
This Murder Come to Mind Robert Hale 1977  
A Dip into Murder As Above 1978  
The Weight of Evidence As Above 1978  
The Bright Face of Danger As Above 1979  
The Amnesia Trap As Above 1979  
Cart Before the Hearse Robert Hale 1979  
More Dead Than Alive As Above 1980  
Double Take As Above 1980  
One Breathless Hour Robert Hale 1981  
Face Value Constable 1983  
Seeing Red Constable 1984  
The Hanging Doll Murder Scribner 1984 US edition

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Further Information
Roger Ormerod. British born, had one main series character, David Mallin. This bibliography currently only includes the titles up to 1984, we shall expand as soon as we have researched it.


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