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Ralph Rodd

Midnight Murder

Published by Collins Crime Club in 1931
Dustwrapper artist: Unknown

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Ralph Rodd - Midnight Murder

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Sample from Rlaph Rodd's - Midnight Murder
WAS the attempt on Wilma Leigh's life made by VV her husband, bluff, genial Colonel Leigh, M.F.H. ? Why did he disappear on the very night when the attempted murder was discovered ? Who else in peaceful little Bullingtori could have any possible motive for trying to remove the most popular woman in the county? These are some of the questions Giles Egerton, the London specialist, who, in answer to a frantic appeal, has fought with death and frustrated the would-be murderer, finds himself trying to answer. His eagerness to do so increases as fresh attempts against Mrs. Leigh's life are made with almost incredible ruthlessness. The hard-bitten, sporting, yet always womanly Wilma Leigh, her overgrown child of a husband, Jacqueline Drury—whom Giles Egerton loves —the dour Professor and his blind girl-wife, the tenderhearted little platitudinarian at the Rectory, and the amazing Anthea Jubb, the inquiry agent's assistant who finally runs the would-be midnight murderer to earth, all play their parts in this ingenious detective problem.

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