Colin Robertson

Conflict of Shadows

Published By Robert Hale in 1963
Wrapper artist: Unknown

Colin Robertson - Conflict of Shadows

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Synopsis from Conflict of Shadows By Colin Robertson
WHO were the " shadows " ? They were Cyril Roysden, a vain opportunist, Hester his disillusioned wife, and his former mistress, Leila Warren, The conflict between them ended on the fateful night when Roysden had planned to leave his wife, when the fates conspired to make him revise his ideas, Very soon all three of them disappear. . . Eighteen months later the thwarted operations of a petty crook lead to the chance discovery of a woman's corpse in a submerged car in a water-filled quarry. Soon, another corpse is recovered, and Detective-Superintendent Bradley and Sergeant Bill Firth find themselves investigating one of their most unusual cases.

Classic Crime Fiction

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