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Robert L Fish Bibliography

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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Fugitive Simon Schuster 1962 UK: 1963 Boardman
The Assassination Bureau Ltd McGraw 1963 UK: 1963 Deutsch
Isle of Snakes Schuster 1963 UK: 1964 Boardman
The Shrunken Head Ditto 1963 UK: 1965 ditto
Brazilian Sleigh Ride Ditto 1965 UK: 1966 as above
The Diamond Bubble Ditto 1965 UK: 1965 ditto
Trials of O'Brien NAL 1965 No English edition
The Incredible Schlock Homes Schuster 1966  
Always Kill a Stranger Putnam 1967 No UK
The Hochmann Miniatures NAL 1967 Ditto
The Bridge That Went Nowhere Putnam 1968 UK: 1970 Long
The Murder League Schuster 1968 UK: 1970 NEL
The Xavier Affair Putnam 1969 UK: 1974 Hale
Whirligig Putnam 1970 No British release
The Green Hell Treasure Ditto 1971 Ditto
Rub-a-Dub-Dub Schuster 1971 As above
The Tricks of the Trade Putnam 1972 UK: 1974 Robert Hale
A Handy Death Schuster 1973 UK: 9175 Hale
The Wager Putnam 1974 UK: 1976 ditto
The Memoirs of Schlock Homes Merrill 1974  
Trouble in Paradise Doubleday 1975 No English version
Kek Huuygens Smuggler Yonkers 1976  
Pursuit Ditto 1978 UK: 1980 Macdonald
A Gross Carriage of Justice Ditto 1979 UK: 1981 Hale
The Gold of Troy Ditto 1980  
Rough Diamond Ditto 1981 UK: 1982 Heinemann

as Robert L Pike

Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Mute Witness Doubleday 1963 UK: 1965 Deutsch
The Quarry ditto 1964  
Police Blotter ditto 1965 UK: 1966 Deutsch
Reardon ditto 1970  
The Gremlin's Grandpa ditto 1972  
Bank Job ditto 1974 UK: 1975 Hale
Deadline 2 AM ditto 1976 UK: 1977 ditto

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Further Information
Robert Lloyd Fish, 1912 - 1981was born in Ohio has several series characters, Jose Da Silva, Carruthers, Simpson and Briggs, Jim Reardon and Lieutenant Clancy. He is perhaps best known for two genres, the police procedural and his Sherlock Holmes pastiches. The former are of undeniable quality though the later is less clear cut. You either love the pastiches for their humour or hate them as pointless and inept parodies. Quite a few books saw no English publication and one or two of the books were reprinted in paperback format under a different title. There are numerous uncollected short stories, mostly appearing in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. Also five other books of a non-criminous nature.

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