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Robert P. Hansen Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Robert P. Hansen Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Dead Pigeon, W. Morrow 1951 Arthur Barker, 1953
"Merchant seaman Tim Lanigan changes tickets"
Trouble Comes Double M.S. Mill co 1954 UK: Arthur Barker, 1955
A Museum Street Thriller
Walk a Wicked Mile M.S. Mill 1955 Hubin, wrongly, calls for Walk a Crooked Mile
UK: T.V. Boardman, 1955
Murder is Where You Find it M.S. Mill 1956 UK: T.V. Boardman, 1957
Mark Three for Murder M.S. Mill 1957 UK: T.V. Boardman, 1957
American Bloodhound No. 180
Back to the Wall M.S. Mill 1957 US dust jacket artist Hedley Rainnie
UK: T.V. Boardman, 1958
Deadly Purpose M.S. Mill 1958 UK: T.V. Boardman, 1959
"A Korean War veteran seeks revenge"
There's Always a Payoff M.S. Mill 1959 UK: T.V. Boardman, 1960
Rites of Summer Morrow 1961 In the US Librray of Congress but not
listed in Hubin or in British Library
Glimpse of Canaan Morrow 1966 In the US Librray of Congress but not
listed in Hubin or in British Library

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Robert P. Hansen Author Biography - Information About the Author
Robert Powell Hansen is listed in Allen J. Hubin's crime and mystery reference guide book.
Book collectors should be able to put together an attractive full set of American first edition books in dust jackets using online specialist booksellers. They also represeent, in our opinion, excellent value for money, at the time of writing.
Those wanting the British editions will have a harder task, they are considerably rarer and when the Bloodhound titles do turn up they are almost always ex-library copies.

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