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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Paper Palace Chatto & Windus 1951 US: Harper 1951
The Dark Saviour Chatto & Windus 1952 US: Harper 1953
The Enormous Shadow Chatto & Windus 1955 Dust jacket artwork by Val Biro
US: Harper 1956
The Endless Colonnade Chatto & Windus 1958 Dust jacket artwork by Leonard Rosoman
US: Putnam 1959
The Hollow Sunday Chatto & Windus 1967
The Athenian Widow Chatto & Windus 1974
The Summer Portrait Chatto & Windus 1979 Dustwrapper artwork by Lincoln Tabor

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Robert Harling Author Biography - Information About the Author
Robert Harling was born in 1910 and also wrote as Nicholas Drew. As well as the mystery novels listed above he also wrote/compiled some non-fiction as well as being a journalistic editor.
His background and expertise in journalism is well used in his novels.
We've included the American publications when known, re Library of Congress.
The author's non-fiction work and editor work is certainly more common than his fiction, some of the books are quite scarce in collectable condition.
Reprint sand paperback books are plentiful and cheap so readers should have no problem enjoying this underrated author's books.

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