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Robert Bloch Bibliography ~ Checklist

US and UK First Edition Books

A Collector's Guide

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
The main book for collectors is, of course, Psycho, it's the most famous and following that valuable
The American edition is not particularly rare, the UK hardback first on Hale is much rarer
US edition precede the UK, sometimes by many years, not all titles were published in Britain
Many of the first edition books are paperback originals

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Scarf Dial Press 1947 UK: 1972 New English Library
Also US 1948 Avon as The Scarf of Passion
The Kidnapper Lion 1954
Spiderweb Ace 1954
Shooting Star 1958
Psycho Simon & Schuster 1959 UK: 1960 Robert Hale
The Dead Beat Simon & Schuster 1960 UK: 1961 Robert Hale
Firebug Regency 1961 UK: 1977 Corgi
The Couch Fawcett 1962 Novelization of a screenplay
Terror Belmont 1962 UK: Corgi 1964
The Star Stalker Pyramid 1968
The Todd Dossier Delacorte 1969 AS Collier Young
UK: 1969 Macmillan
Night World Schuster 1972 UK: 1974 Robert Hale
American Gothic Schuster 1974 UK: 1975 W.H. Allen
There is a Serpent in Eden Zebra 1979 Released in 1981 as The Cunning Serpent
Psycho II Warner 1982 UK: 1983 Corgi
Night of the Ripper Doubleday 1984

Short Story Collections

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Opener of the Way Arkham House 1945 UK: 1974 Spearman
Also as House of the Hatchet
Terror in the Night & Other Stories Ace 1958
Pleasant Dreams - Nightmares Arkham House 1960 UK: 1960 Whiting & Wheaton
Blood Runs Cold Simon & Schuster 1961 UK: 1963 Robert Hale
Black cloth, silver & green titles
More Nightmares Belmont 1962
Yours Truly Jack the Ripper Belmont 1962
Atoms and Evil Fawcett 1962 UK: Muller 1963
Horror-7 Belmont 1963 UK: 1965 Corgi
Bogey Men Pyramid 1963
Tales in a Jugular Vein Pyramid 1965 UK: 1970 Sphere
The Skull of the Marquis de Sade Pyramid 1965 UK: 1975 Robert Hale
Chamber of Horrors Award 1966 UK: 1977 Corgi
The Living Demons Belmont 1967 UK: 1970 Sphere
This Crowded Earth & Ladies Day Belmont 1968
Fear Today Gone Tomorrow Award 1971
Cold Chills Doubleday 1977 UK: 1978 Robert Hale
The King of Terrors Mysterious Press 1977 UK: 1978 Robert hale
Out of the Mouth of Graves Mysterious Press 1979 UK: 1980 Robert Hale
Such Stuff as Screams are Made of Ballantine 1979 UK: 1980 Robert Hale

Robert Bloch Biography
Robert Bloch was born in Chicago 5 April 1917 and died in 1994. He was a very prolific writer and wrote several non-mystery novels as well as short stories, radio plays and screen plays.

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