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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
From Whose Bourne? C&W 1893 US: 1896 Stokes
The Face and the Mask Hutchinson 1894 US: 1895 Stokes
A Woman Intervenes Chatto 1896 US: 1896 Stokes
Revenge! Ditto 1896 As above
The Mutable Many Stokes 1896 UK: 1897 Methuen
Jennie Baxter, Journalist Methuen 1899 US: 1899 Stokes
The Strong Arm Stokes 1899 UK: 1900 Methuen
A Prince of Good Fellows Windus 1902 US: 1902 McClure
Over the Border Ibister 1903 US: 1903 Stokes
A Chicago Princess Stokes 1904 No UK
The Woman Wins Ditto 1904 As above
A Rock in the Baltic Authors 1906 UK: 1907 Blackett
The Watermead Affair Altemus 1906 No English
The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont Hurst 1906 US: 1906 Stokes
The Girl in the Case Nash 1910 No American
Lady Eleanor, Lawbreaker Rand 1912 US only
Tales of Two Continents Mills 1920 UK only
The Adventures of Sherlaw Kombs Aspen 1979 America

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Further Information
Robert Barr, born in Scotland 16 September 1850, also wrote quite a number of non-criminous novels. These include, science fiction, romance and westerns. Given the nature of this site these have been omitted from our bibliography. He had no known series characters. As an interesting aside he was a founding editor of Free Press with none other than Jerome K Jerome.


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