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Series Characters: Philis & Pawson

The following list of books in order contains the criminous titles by Ritchie Perry
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Fall Guy Collins 1972 US: 1972 Mifflin
Nowhere Man Ditto 1973 US: 1973 Mifflin as A Hard Man to Kill
Ticket to Ride Collins Crime Club 1973 Dust Jacket by Keith Morris
US: 1974 Mifflin
Holiday With a Vengeance Ditto 1974 US: 1975 Houghton
Your Money and Your Wife Collins Crime Club 1975 US: 1976 Mifflin
One Good Death Deserves Another Ditto 1976 US: 1977 Mifflin
Dead End Ditto 1977  
Copacabana Stud Robert Hale 1977 as John Allen
Dutch Courage Ditto 1978 US: 1982 Ballantine
Up Tight Robert Hale 1979 as John Allen
Bishop's Pawn Ditto 1979 Dustwrapper priced £4.25
US: 1979 Pantheon
Grand Slam Ditto 1980 Dust jacket priced £4.75
US: 1980 Pantheon
Fool's Mate Ditto 1981 Dust jacket priced £5.75
US: 1981 Pantheon
Foul Up Doubleday 1982 US edition
MacAllister Doubleday 1984 US edition

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Ritchie Perry Author Biography - Further Information
Ritchie Perry, born 1942, is another borderline author for us, more thriller based with semi political backgrounds. His main series character is Philis who works for a government department.

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