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Ricky Drayton Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Big Fix Scion gangster novel 1951
Take it on the Lam 1951
Hell and High Water 1951
Anyone's Grief 1951
Stay Dead Sweetheart Scion 1951
Lowdown on G-Men Scion 1951 Written with Karl Medusa
Stripped to Kill 1952 American Thriller
Crime on My Hands 1952
Evie was No Lady Scion gangster novel 1952
Drop Dead ! Scion American thriller 1952
Get a Load o' Dis Scion gangster novel 1952
I Don't Die Easy Scion 1952 Banned in Ireland
The Heat's On Scion 1952
It Doesn't Add Up ! Scion 1952
Stick or Bust Scion gangster novel 1953
Hells Belles Scion 1953 "Compiled from police and press records"
Stiffs Don't Squeal Milestone ? Not in any reference library
The Nude was Framed Milestone ? Not in any reference library
The Midnight Male Milestone ? Not in British Library
Nothing to Lose Milestone ? Not in any reference ibrary
One false Move Milestone ? Not in British Library
Death Comes Wholesale ? 1953 Banned in Australia
Too Late to Shout ? 1954

Cover Artist: Unknown

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Ricky Drayton Author Biography - Information About the Author
Ricky Drayton was a publisher's house name and according to a copyright catalogue some of the actual authors were: Michael Barnes - Herbert Victor Lowe.
we've included published dates when given by the major reception libraries and publisher when we are certain of the fact.
It looks as though the publisher Milestone didn't bother to send in their books to the British Library etc as none appear in their catalogues.
Ricky Drayton books are rare and collectable, none of the books listed in this bibliography are easy to find.
The artwork is as attractive to collectors, ourselves included, as you'd imagine, this and their fragile nature explains why they are rarely found for sale, even online.
If you know of any more books not included in this list of books in order then please do email us the details so we can add them to this bibliography.

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