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Richard Keverne Bibliography

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Carteret's Cure Constable 1926 DW 7/6. US: 1926 Houghton
William Cook Antique Dealer Ditto 1928 Jan 28. DW 7/6. US: 1928 Harper as The Strange Case of
The Havering Plot Ditto 1928 Aug 28. DW 7/6. US: 1929 Harper
The Sanfield Scandal Ditto 1929 DW 7/6. US: 1929 Harper
The Man in the Red Hat Ditto 1930 DW 7/6. US: 1930 Harper
The Fleet Hall Inheritance Ditto 1931 DW 7/6. US: 1931 Harper
At the Blue Gates Constable 1932 DW 7/6. US: 1932 Doubleday
Menace Ditto 1933 Dust jacket 7/6
Artifex Intervenes Constable 1934 Apr 34. Dustwrapper 7/6
He Laughed at Murder Ditto 1934 Sept 34. DW 7/6. US: 1935 Holt
Crook Stuff Ditto 1935 Jul 35. DJ 7/6. Artwork by Youngman Carter
White Gas Ditto 1937 DW 7/6
More Crook Stuff Ditto 1938 Dust jacket 7/6
Open Verdict Ditto 1940 Dust jacket 7/6. Artwork by Gilbert Dunlop
The Black Cripple Collins 1941 Mar 41. Dust cover 7/6
Crooks and Vagabonds Collins 1941 Aug 41. DW 7/6
The Lady in No 4 Collins 1944 Purple cloth, silver titles. DJ 8/6. Artwork by C.W. Bacon
US: 1945 McKay as Coroner's Verdict

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Further Information
Richard Keverne, pseudonym for Clifford Hosken, 1882 to 1950 had several series characters. Simon Artifex, Inspector Mace, Franklin Parry and Leonard Harris. Other than this we know very little about this author, if anyone can help fill this gap we would be happy to amend this page accordingly.


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