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Richard Falkirk Series Character: Edmund Blacktsone

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Richard Falkirk Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Chill Factor Michael Joseph 1971 US: Doubleday 1971
The Twisted Wire Doubleday 1971 UK: Corgi 1972
Blacktsone Eyre Methuen 1972 Dust jacket priced 1.50
US: Stein 1973
Blacktsone's Fancy Eyre Methuen 1973 Dustwrapper priced 1.75
US: Stein 1973
Beau Blacktsone Eyre Methuen 1973 Dust jacket priced 1.75
US: Stein 1974
Blacktsone & the Scourge of Europe Eyre Methuen 1974 US: Stein 1974
Blacktsone Underground Eyre Methuen 1976
Blacktsone on Broadway Eyre Methuen 1977

Dust Jacket Artist: David Pether

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Richard Falkirk Author Biography - Information About the Author
Richard Falkirk is a pseudonym of Derek William Lambert who was born in 1929.
The author is listed in Hubin and we've included all the books listed in the British Library.
The Twisted Wire looks like a paperback original in the UK and is preceded by the American edition.
All American editions are noted when applicable.
The series features the Bow Street Runners and there cannot be many historical crime series that can still be bought today as first editions for reasonable prices.
Readers too are well-served with a plentiful supply of cheap paperback books readily available online.

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