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Rhona Petrie Bibliography

UK and US First Edition Books

Rhona Petrie
Series Characters: Inspector Marcus MacLurg: Dr Nassim Pride

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles
Only the first book was published in America
The books are good and well thought of, deserving of a wider audience.
They are collectable but remain, at the time of writing, eminently buyable
The lack of American publications is a mystery in itself

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Death in Deakins Wood Gollancz 1963 US: 1964 Dodd Mead
Murder by Precedent Gollancz 1964
Running Deep Gollanc 1965
Dead Loss Gollancz 1966
Foreign Bodies Gollancz 1967
MacLurg Goes West Gollancz 1968
Despatch of a Dove Gollancz 1969
Thorne in the Flesh Gollancz 1971

Rhona Petrie Biography
Rhona Petrie was a pseudonym for Eileen-Marie Duell Buchanan, she also wrote crime novel under the name Calre Curzon. British born in 1922, came to writing late after working as an interpreter, teacher and secretary. A well thought of author.

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