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Rex Stout

Three Witnesses

Collins Crime Club 1956
Jacket artwork by William Randell

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HERE AGAIN we get three detective stories in one volume, all featuring the famous fat detective, Nero Wolfe, at the top of his form. Wolfe's reluctance to leave his home and his specially-cooked meals is well known to all his admirers, but in The Next Witness he is first summoned to court to give evidence and then, in his efforts to right an injustice, undertakes a course of action which makes it impossible for him to return home! When a Man Murders tells of a husband's unexpected return from the dead— but when he really did die the wrong man would have been convicted of his murder had not Wolfe backed a hunch and Archie shown characteristic resource. In the third adventure a Labrador dog is added to the Wolfe household, with most entertaining—and exciting—consequences. Wolfe shows acute penetration in solving this case of the artist's missing model, and indeed each of these cases is likely to keep the reader baffled and enthralled.

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