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Three Doors to Death

Collins Crime Club 1950

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IN the casebook of Archie Goodwin the crimes on which each of the three stories in this volume is based must surely have been marked with a star, for each, in its own way, represents something new, not only to Rex Stout fans, but to all readers of crime fiction. There's the case of the couturiere, for instance, in which it turns out to be as important to determinp «.'hc is alive as it is to find out who is dead, and in which high passion and high fashion march side by side. There's the case of the restaurateur, in which Archie, proving himself as able at deduction as Nero, spots a key clue and master-minds it all by himself. Lastly, there's the case of the horticulturist, in which the lethargic Nero actually goes for a cross-country walk in the snow—and all for the sake of his precious orchids. Three Doors to Death—and a Wolfe at every door!

Rex Stout


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