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Rex Stout

Three Men Out

Collins Crime Club 1955
Jacket artwork by William Randell

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"A MURDERER," says Nero Wolfe, "is the victim of progressive exigency." This very Wolfe-ish pronouncement is incontrovertibly proved in the three cases which are narrated in inimitable fashion by Archie Good win in this volume, Never has Wolfe been more brilliant than in his handling of these; and never less static. Twice, much to his dislike, he has to leave his house and his orchids. In Invitation to Murder he goes to a millionaire's home to rescue Archie, and incidentally to determine if one of three handsome women is a murderess; in This Won't Kill You to a baseball game to solve a problem of druggery and skullduggery. To make up for this unaccustomed dashing about, in The Zero Clue he not only stays strictly at home but manages to get most of Manhattan's homicide team occupying his house while he tries to decipher the mysterious clue left by a dying mathematical wizard.

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