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Rex Stout

If Death Ever Slept

Collins Crime Club 1958
Jacket artwork by William Randell

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IF Otis Jarrell had been a man who could swallow humiliation; -if his son had known more about women; if Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin had been busy on an important case the morning Otis Jarrell called at the office; if Jarrell had not fired his secretary in a fit of temper; if Wolfe had not been sore at Archie for—as he thought—good and sufficient reason and moved to suggest that Archie join Jarrell's menage as his secretary; if Archie, also sore, had refused; if Archie's curiosity had not been aroused by certain apparent characteristics of Jarrell's daughter-in-law; if all these things and a couple of others had not happened, this new Nero Wolfe thriller would not have been written. Fortunately for Rex Stout's many admirers— they did!

Rex Stout


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