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Rex Stout

Homicide Trinity

Collins Crime Club 1963

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In the first of these three long stories a woman is strangled in Nero Wolfe's own house with Nero Wolf6*s own necktie: this is not at all Wolfe's idea of the proper order of things, and the fat detective genius is stirred into a moderate display of energy. In the second story a woman comes to show Wolfe a gun saying, "That's the gun I'm not going to shoot my husband with ". In the third Wolfe is extended (if that is the word) not so much by the problem of detecting the murderer as by thwarting the claims of the police on the one hand, and of the Federal Secret Service on the other, to first possession of any corpses, clues or murderers that Wolfe may have under his hand. This is vintage Rex Stout. Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin delve into mysteries in their familiar though differing fashions, bringing each to an unexpected and exciting conclusion. " Nero Wolfe . . towers over his rivals in one respect: he is a superman who talks like a superman* It is a very tough literary trick to make a mastermind sound like a mastermind." From The New Torker Profile of Rex Stout

Rex Stout


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