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Rex Stout

The Final Deduction

Collins Crime Club 1962

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NERO WOLFE, the fat detective genius, will do almost anything for money; and the lady who wanted to employ him was very, very rich. On the other hand, Wolfe is not very keen about work, so that when the case became one of murder Archie Goodwin found himself, as usual, making most of the running. And in addition Wolfe had given his client a promise of discretion, a pledge which, if kept, was liable, once the police were investigating a murder, to land both Wolfe and Goodwin in jail. The hope of acquiring big money quickly motivates some other characters in the novel who are less law-abiding than Wolfe. Wolfe picks his way among the clues and suspects with his unique incisiveness and Archie reports as amusingly as always the progress of the investigation. The result is a fascinating addition to the works of Rex Stout, who is the favourite detective writer of many discerning readers.

Rex Stout


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