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Rex Dark Series Character: Bartholomew Dane

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Ming Vase Mystery Wright & Brown 1936 Reprinted 1937 by Mellifont Press
The Wardour Street Mystery Wright & Brown 1936 Reprinted 1938 by Mellifont Press
The Channing Affair Wright & Brown 1937 Reprinted 1946 by Mellifont Press
The Invisible Hand Wright & Brown 1937 Reprinted 1948 by Mellifont Press
Dead Men tell . . . Wright & Brown 1937 Reprinted 1939 by Mellifont Press
Murder in Berkeley Square Wright & Brown 1938 Reprinted 1945 by Mellifont Press
The Tremlow Murder Case Wright & Brown 1938 Reprinted 1940 by Mellifont Press
The Prison Murder Wright & Brown 1939 Reprinted 1943 by Mellifont Press
The Uranian Jewel Case Wright & Brown 1939 Reprinted 1946 by Mellifont Press
Spy 222 Wright & Brown 1940

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Rex Dark Biography - Information About the Author
Rex Dark's main character was Bartholomew Dane who appeared in most of his books.
We've included the series of reprints, arbitrary though their publication order is, because they are undated and could be mistaken for first editions which we've seen before with Mellifont.
None of the author's books are listed in the US Library of Congress.
All of these books are rare, with or without dust jacket, reprint of first edition.
My presumption is that Rex Dark is a pseudonym but I can find no information on this or the author in general, any help greatly appreciated.

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