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Raymond Foxall Series Characters: Harry Adkins - John Crispin

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Here Lies the Shadow Robert Hale 1957
Song for a Prince Robert Hale 1959
The Devil's Smile Robert Hale 1960
The Wicked Lord Robert Hale 1962
The Devil's Spawn Robert Hale 1965
The Little Ferret Robert Hale 1968 US: St Martin's 1974
Squire Errant Robert Hale 1968
Brandy for the Parson Robert Hale 1970 Dust jacket artwork by Val Biro
US: St Martin's 1974
The Dark Forest Robert Hale 1972 Dustwrapper artwork by Val Biro
US: St Martin's 1974
The Silver Goblet Robert Hale 1974 Dust jacket artwork by Val Biro
US: St Martin's 1974
The Amorous Rogue Robert Hale 1978
Society of the Dispossessed Robert Hale 1978
The Amateur Commandos Robert Hale 1980
The Noble Pirate Robert Hale 1980
The Last Jacobite Robert Hale 1980
Guinea-Pigs Britain's first paratroop raid Robert Hale 1983

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Raymond Foxall Author Biography - Information About the Author
Raymond Foxall, Jehoiada Campbell, was born in 1916. The author is listed in Hubin and the majority of the books listed above are crime fiction / thrillers.
For the sake of completion we've included every book held by the British Library, this includes a few non-fiction titles we suspect.
American publications are noted where known.

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