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Ramon Lacroix Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Ramon Lacroix Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Danger for Love Modern Fiction 1947
Hotel for Scandal Modern Fiction 1947
Illicit Cargo Modern Fiction 1947
Murder at Le Touquet Modern Fiction 1947 Cover artwork by HW Perl
Fury of Love Modern Fiction 1948 Priced 1/6, Perl cover
As Love Goes By Barnardo 1948 Barnardo Amalgamated Industries
Secret Harem Barnardo 1949
Penalty of Love Modern Fiction 1950
Paris Hotel Modern Fiction 1951
Reckless Lovers Modern Fiction 1952
White Slave Traffic Modern Fiction 1952
Eros Looks Down Modern Fiction 1952 Artwork by Perl
Seduction Modern Fiction 1958
Penalty of Love Modern Fiction 1958
Love Finds a Way ?
Romantic Moments ? Perl cover
Passionate Dancer ? Illustrated by Perl
Seduction ?
Blonde Traffic ?
Love's Dream ?
Love Agent ?
Room 204 ?
Moments of Love ?

Cover Artist: H.W. Perl

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Ramon Lacroix Author Biography - Information About the Author
Ramon Lacroix is listed in Hubin and is a pseudonym of Ernest L McKeag who was born in 1896.
We've included dates and publishers when known for sure but as we've compiled this list of books from various sources full details have not always been available.
We've included all the books listed in the British Library and Hubin, note that most of these books are not listed in Hubin as many are not crime / mystery or thriller.
They are rare, their pulp fiction nature means they were never meant to survive, most did not, they are collectable.

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