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Ralph Trevor Series Character: Inspector Curtis Burke

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Monday Night Murder Wright & Brown 1935
The House of Silence Wright & Brown 1935
On the Night of the Ninth Wright & Brown 1935
The Moorcroft Manor Mystery Wright & Brown 1935
Some Person Unknown Wright & Brown 1935
The Eyes Through the Mask Wright & Brown 1935
Under Suspicion Wright & Brown 1936
Invitation to Murder Wright & Brown 1936
Murder Without Regret Wright & Brown 1937
Death in the surgery. A Curtis Burke story Wright & Brown 1937
Murder in silk Wright & Brown 1937
Viper's Vengeance Wright & Brown 1938
The Ghost Counts Ten Wright & Brown 1938
Death Burns the Candle Wright & Brown 1938 Curtis Burke
Death Comes Too Late Wright & Brown 1938
The Deputy Avenger Wright & Brown 1938
The Corpse in the Caravan Wright & Brown 1939
Murder for Two Pins Wright & Brown 1939 Curtis Burke
Easy for the Crook Wright & Brown 1939
The Ace of Clubs Murder Wright & Brown 1939
Murder in the Fifth Column Wright & Brown 1940
The Girl in the Crimson Cloak Wright & Brown 1940
Behind the Green Mask Wright & Brown 1940
Meet Doctor Death Wright & Brown 1940
Sky-High Terror Wright & Brown 1940 Curtis Burke
Red Strands for Danger Wright & Brown 1941
Who Killed the Crooner? Wright & Brown 1941
The Phantom Raider Wright & Brown 1941
High Spy Wright & Brown 1942
Front Page Murder Wright & Brown 1942 Curtis Burke
A Murder has been Arranged Wright & Brown 1942

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Ralph Trevor Biography - Information About the Author
Ralph Trevor is a pseudonym of James Reginald Wilmot, born 1897.
31 books in 7 years is going some - I've not actually read a Ralph Trevor books so I can't comment on what that output did to the quality of the books.
The books are uncommon though, rare in dust jacket, certainly in our experience.
Collectors should expect most, if not all, the books to be undated.
With books published inth same year we've listed them in the order shown by the British Library catalogue.
The library of Congress lists no American editions

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