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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Whipping Girl Collins 1923 Criminous ?
From the House of Bondage Collins 1924 Ditto ?
The Secret of the Flames Ditto 1924 US: 1929 Dial
Maureen Verses Fate Collins 1925 DJ 3/6
Without Judge or Jury Ditto 1928 DJ 7/6. US: 1929 Dial
Love and the Moralities Cassell 1929 May 29. DJ 7/6, non mystery ?
A Man Beguiled Collins 1929 Sept 29. DJ 3/6
Blind Man's Buff Collins 1929 Oct 29. DJ 7/6
Midnight Murder Collins Crime Club 1931 Published Feb. Orange cloth black titles. DJ 7/6
Front board lettered as well as spine
The Story of Joan Courage Cassell 1932 DJ 7/6. Criminous ?
Sleuth O' the World Collins 1933 DJ 7/6
Madame Knits Cassell 1936 DJ 7/6
The Claverton Case Mellifont 1940 Not dated. Not in the ECB

Further Information
Ralph Rodd, born 1896, was a pseudonym of William North, sadly we know nothing else of interest. Please do let us know if you can fill in any gaps.


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