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Ralph Hayes Bibliography

US First Edition Books in Order

Ralph Hayes Series Characters: Agent of Cominsec - Check Force

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Virgin Tate Vega Books 1967
Ellen Matthews, Mission Nurse Avallon Books 1966 As Ralph E. Hayes. Reprinted by Dell 1967
Nurse in Hong Kong Avalon 1967
Springtime in Venice Avalon 1967
Hellhole Centurion Books 1970
Four Ugly Guns Belmont 1970
The Visiting Moon Lennox Hill Press 1971
The Turkish Mafia Conspiracy Belmont 1974 Set in Istanbul
The Nightmare Conspiracy Belmont 1974
The Hellfire Conspiracy Belmont 1974
The Doomsday Conspiracy Belmont 1974
The Bloody Monday Conspiracy Belmont 1974 A Taggart thriller
The Death Makers Conspiracy Belmont 1975 Set in the Middle East
Track of the Beast Leisure 1975 Based in Uganda
A Taste of Blood Leisure 1975 Setting Africa
Scavenger Kill Leisure 1975 Set in Kenya
Deadly Prey Leisure 1975 Book based in New York
The Night of the Jackals Leisure 1975
The Peking Plot Manor 1975 A Check Force thriller
Clouds of War Manor 1975
100 Megaton Kill Manor 1975
Nightmare Island Manor 1975
Check Force Seeds of Doom Manor Books 1976
Seeds of Doom Manor 1976
Satan Stone Manor Books 1976
The Golden God Manor 1976 UK: New English Library 1978
The San Patricios Leisure 1977
All That Glitters Manor 1977
Love's Dark Conquest Belmont Tower Books 1978
By Passion Possessed Belmont 1978 Zapata and a Mexian setting
Dark Water Belmont Tower Books 1978
Vengeance is Mine Manor Books 1978
King's Ransom Manor Books 1978 Set in Argentina
Forbidden Splendor Leisure Books 1978
Vengeance is Mine Manor 1978
Killing Ground Nordon 1978
Savage Dawn Jove 1979
The Hostages of Hell Zebra 1979
The Big Fall Zebra 1979
Dragon's Fire Dorchester 1979
Eastern Shore Belmont 1979
Sheryl Belmont 1980
Promised Land Dorchester 1980
Opal Ridge Leisure 1980
Five Deadly Guns Tower 1980
Drought Zebra 1981
The Sea Runners Dorchester 1981
The Last View of Eden Tower 1981
Deep Run Tower 1981
A Sudden Madness Tower 1981
Charleston Kensington 1982
Gunslammer Leisure 1982
Scorpio Cipher Leisure 1983
Illegal Entry Leisure 1984
Mountain Man's Fury Pinnacle 1992
Revenge of the Buffalo Hunter Pinnacle 1992
Mountain Man's Gold Pinnacle 1993

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Ralph Hayes Author Biography - Information About the Author
Ralph Eugene Hayes was born in 1927 and is included in Hubin's crime fiction resource book.
This bibliography has been quite a struggle, most of the books in the list above are not held in the American Library of Congress.
All of those which are have been listed in order, as have those in Hubin, more still came from online sales sources, we've checked every possible source so this should be a fairly comprehensive list of books in order
There is a series or more modern books published in the UK by Robert Hale and others, mainly for the library service, which are Westerns, they could be re-titled books from the American first editions.

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