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RAJ Walling

More than One Serpent

Hodder & Stoughton 1938
Jacket artwork by Stead

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That a clergyman started Tolefree on the inquiry which led to the unravelling of the tangled horror of Bossena, miniature Eden complete with 'more than one serpent/set in the depths of the West country, was not the least unusual feature of this extraordinary affair. At Bossena we meet the feudal lord and his curiously assorted house party of city sharks, an M.P., a piano virtuoso, and others of equally diverse occupation and outlook. It is Tolefree who, with the help of our old friend Farrar, unearths the horror in an ancient tennis court, penetrates the mystery of the yacht 'Guillemot,' and is ultimately able to satisfy Miss Lanivet and take leave of the most secret man who ever brewed beer and the only parson who went to Paradise before his time.

RAJ Walling     Stead

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