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Rachelle Edwards Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Rachelle Edwards Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Thief of Hearts Robert Hale 1973
An Unequal Match 1974
Reckless Masquerade 1975
Devil's Bride 1976
A Spy for Napoleon Robert Hale 1977
The Captain's Lady 1977
Miranda's Folly 1978
The Secret of Monk's House 1978
The Silken Net Robert Hale 1978
Lord Heathbury's Revenge 1979
In the Shadow of Tyburn 1979
Wager for Love 1979
The Outrageous Lady Caroline Robert Hale 1980
The Smithfield Bargain 1980
Fortune's Child 1981
The Marriage Bargain 1981
Fleet Wedding Robert Hale 1981
Regency Masquerade 1982
Runaway Bride 1982
Rakehell's Daughter 1982
The Ransome Inheritance Robert Hale 1983 Dust jacket artwork by Eileen Walton
Lady of Quality 1983
Dangerous Dandy Robert Hale 1983

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Rachelle Edwards Author Biography - Information About the Author
Rachelle Edwards is a Hubin listed author though not all of the books are crime fiction.
Readers are well served and will have no problem getting Rachelle Edwards' books as they're available in paperback and later reprints (albeit large print editions, book collectors whoever have a much harder task.
The usual Robert Hale issue faced by book collectors is acute with Rachelle Edwards, in some cases entire print runs were given over to public libraries leaving only review copies without stamps, tape and the usual vandalism public librarians subject books to.
All books have the same publisher and some titles were published in America, usually in paperback I believe.

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