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R.C. Finney Bibliography

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R.C. Finney Series Character: Inspector Bourne

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Scarlet Ship Partridge 1928
The Tiger of the Seas Burns, Oates & Co 1936
The Secret Tunnel Mellifont Press 1937 Reprinted in 1943 by Mellifont
The Riddle of the Creek 1943
Meet Inspector Bourne Newcoll 1945
Chums at Chelcote Burrell Books 1946
Death in the Mist Burrell 1947
The Haunted Rock Century Press 1948
Honeymoon Murder Moore Publishing 1949 Cover artwork by Reginald Heade could be 1947
Talking Clues Scion 1949
The Coleville Skeleton Scion 1950 Cover artist Ferrari aka: Philip Mendoza
Three Point Murder Scion 1950
Find the Lady ! Scion 1950
Lovers' Feud Scion 1950
The Crimson Hand Scion 1950
Death Takes a Ride 1951
Love's Prisoner 1952
In Face of Death Edinburgh House Press 1954 Bishop John Richardson of Car Nicobar
I'll Have a Hurricane Edinburgh House Press 1955 Eagle Books
Among Fijian Cannibals Edinburgh House Press 1957 Eagle Books

Cover Artist: ?

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R. C. Finney Author Biography - Information About the Author
R.C. Finney is included in Hubin, there's no information on the author in the British Library.
The pulp paperbacks on Scion are rare and collectable.
We've put this list of RC Finney books together from a variety of resources and libraries, none has a comprehensive number so it's entirely possible that we can add books to this bibliography, if you can help with a book not listed above please do email us the details.

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