Crime Fiction

Joyce Porter

The Chinks in the Curtain

Jonathan Cape 1967
Jacket design by Ivor Kaplin

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Joyce Porter The Chinks in the Curtain

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After a year spent skulking in the British Embassy in Moscow having botched up his first assignment, England's most reluctant spy, Edmund Brown, returns ignominiously to his native land. So expensive has his exile been that Special Overseas Directorate is obliged to take him on to their permanent staff to work off the debt -to the disgust of both parties. Armed with a Colt .45 and his unfailing cowardice, he is dispatched to Paris to discover why a source of information has dried up. Brown's quarry is Prince Lavrov, an eccentric Russian emigr6 whose fetish is military uniforms and who lives in a mock sixteenth-century chateau. By surrendering himself to the salacious, if skeletal, embraces of the Prince's niece,

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