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Polly Hobson Series Character: Inspector Basil

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Brough up in Bloomsbury Constable 1959 Not crime fiction, not in Hubin
The Mystery House Ernest Benn 1963 US: Lippincott 1964
Murder Won't Out Herbert Jenkins 1964
Titty's Dead Constable 1968 US title McCall 1970 as
A Terrible Thing Has Happened to Miss Dupont
The Three Graces Constable 1970 US book: London House 1971
Henry Bada-Bada Macmillan 1971 Not in Hubin
Venus and Her Prey Constable 1975 Not in Hubin
Sarah's Story: An historical novel John Murray 1983

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Polly Hobson Author Biography - Information About the Author
Polly Hobson is a pseudonym of Julie Rendel Evans who was born in 1913.
The list of books above includes all the titles held in the major UK reference libraries, some not listed in Hubin.
Book collectors won't find the British first editions in dust jacket common.
Readers are fortunate that some the books were reprinted in some cases and also issued later in paperback.
If you can supply any information about this author's life then please do drop us a line.

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