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Pierre Souvestre & Marcell Allain Bibliography

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Pierre Souvestre & Marcell Allain Series Character: Fantomas

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Fantomas Stanley Paul 1915 US: Brentano's 1915
The Exploits of Juve Stanley Paul 1916 US: Brentano's 1917
Messengers of Evil Stanley Paul 1917 US: Brentano's 1917
The Nest of Spies Stanley Paul 1917 US: Brentano's 1917
A Royal Prisoner Stanley Paul 1919 US: Brentano's 1918
Slippery As Sin Stanley Paul 1920 US: Moffat 1920
A Limb of Satan Stanley Paul 1924 US: Macaulay 1924 as
The Long Arm of Fantomas

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Pierre Souvestre & Marcell Allain Author Biography - Information About the Author
Pierre Souvestre (born 1874 and died 1914) & Marcell Allain (born 1885 and died 1970).
The books were continued with the character Fantomas by Allain.
The boos ran to multiple reprints so they are readily available and in many languages.
Book collectors will find true first editions rare and expensive.

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