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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Hercule and the Gods Pilot Press 1944 Jacket priced 8/6
The Temptations of Hercule Pilot Press 1945 Jacket priced 7/6
Fate and Fernand Vallancey 1945  
When the Gods Laughed Foster 1946  
The Obligations of Hercule Sampson Low 1947  
The Confessions of Hercule Sampson Low 1947  
The Thieves of Enchantment Chambers 1956  
The Two Imposters Long 1958  
The Fire and the Clay Long 1959  
The Turns of Time Long 1961  
The Crown of Night Long 1962  
The Dream and the Dead Long 1963  
The Wings of Darkness Long 1963 US: Street of Grass
Fair Maids Missing Long 1964  
Dead with Sorrow Long 1965 US: A Woven Web
Time of Temptation Long 1966  
A Thorn in the Dust Long 1967  
The Veins of Compassion Long 1967  
The White Leaves of Death Long 1968  
The Flame in the Mist Long 1969  
A Host for Dying Long 1970  
Stolen Like Magic Away Long 1971  
The Delicate Dust of Death Long 1973  
No Tears for the Dead Long 1974  
Nightmare in Rust Long 1975  
And One for the Dead Long 1975  
The Healing Hands of Death Long 1977  
Now Dead is Any Man Long 1978  
A Sad and Savage Dying Long 1978  
Slay Me Sinner Long 1979  
Gone to her Death Hale 1981  
The Bitter Path of Death Hale 1982  
The Red Rust of Death Hale 1983  

Further Information
Pierre Audemars, who also wrote under the name Peter Hodemart, was born in England in 1909. His series characters were Monsieur Pinaud and Hercule Renard and his novels were set in France. He is renowned for his sense of humour and original plotting and settings. The books provide a breath of fresh air for those tired of the English village/country house style mystery and are consequently of interest to both readers and collectors. In all cases, UK editions precede the American ones and the alternative titles are listed when applicable. He wrote two other novels, though these are non-criminous.


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