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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Phyllis Hastings Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
As Long as You Live Herbert Jenkins 1951
Crowning Glory Herbert Jenkins 1952
Far from Jupiter Herbert Jenkins 1952
Rapture in My Rags J. M. Dent 1954 Reissued as Scarecrow Lover also as Rapture
The Field of Roses J. M. Dent 1955
Dust is My Pillow J. M. Dent 1955
The Black Virgin of the Gold Mountain J. M. Dent 1956
The Signpost has Four Arms J. M. Dent 1957
The Forest of Stone. [A novel.] Robert Hale 1957 As Julia Mayfield
The Happy Man Hutchinson 1958
Golden Apollo Hutchinson 1958 Illustrated by Margery Gill
The Fountain of Youth Hutchinson 1959
Sandals for My Feet Hutchinson 1960
Long Barnaby Hodder & Stoughton 1961
Looking in Junk Shops Parrish 1961 As John Bedford. Illustrations Susan Holland
Hot Day in High Summer May Fair Books 1962 Reissue of Long Barnaby
The Night the Roof Blew Off Hodder & Stoughton 1962
More Looking in Junk Shops Parrish 1962 As John Bedford. Illustrations Susan Holland
Talking About Teapots Parrish 1964 As John Bedford
London's Burning Abeiard-Schuman 1966 As John Bedford
Delftware Cassell 1966 As John Bedford
Their Flowers Were Always Black Robert Hale 1967
Swan River Story Robert Hale 1968
All Earth to Love Corgi 1968 Paperback original book
An Act of Darkness Robert Hale 1969
The Harlot's Daughter New English Library 1969 Illustrated by Susan Holland
Still Looking for Junk Macdonald 1969
The Stars are My Children Robert Hale 1970
The Temporary Boy Robert Hale 1971
When the Gallows is High Robert Hale 1971
Day of the Dancing Sun Corgi 1971 Hardback 1975 RH
The Gates of Morning Corgi 1973 Hardback 1975 RH
The Conservatory Robert Hale 1973
Batholomew Fair Robert Hale 1974
House of the Twelve Caesars / Robert Hale 1975
The Image-Maker Robert Hale 1976
The Candles of Night Cassell 1977
The Death-Scented Flower Robert Hale 1977
Field of the Forty Footsteps Robert Hale 1978
The Stratford Affair Robert Hale 1978
The Feast of the Peacock Cassell 1978
Buttercup Joe Robert Hale 1980
Running Thursday Rest as Above 1980
Tiger's Heaven 1981
A Delight of Angels 1981
The overlooker Phyllis Hastings 1982
Blackberry Summer Robert Hale 1982
The Lion at the Door 1983
The Free Traders 1984
My Four Uncles 1984
The Women Barbers of Drury Lane 1985
The Julian Maze 1986
Naked Runner Robert Hale 1987 Dust jacket artist Barbara Walton

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Phyllis Hastings Author Biography - Information About the Author
Phyllis Dora Hastings was born in 1913 and is included in Hubin's list of crime fiction authors.
Clearly a very prolific author and many of these books fall outside the crime and mystery fiction genre that is the core of this site.
Rather than just include the books listed by Hubin in this Phyllis Hastings bibliography we've included everything held by the British and Oxford libraries so this should be a complete list of books in order.
There are some variant titles when it comes to the books published in America.
None of the books should cost a fortune though many will be tricky to find in collectable condition as in a lot of cases most of the books in a print run went to public libraries.

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