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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
White Lie the Dead Hodder & Stoughton 1950 US: as And to My Beloved Husband. M.S. Mill 1950
Exit with Intent Hodder & Stoughton 1950  
The Break in the Circle H&S 1951 US: M.S. Milland William Morrow 1951
The Dublin Nightmare H&S 1951 US: as Nightmare in Dublin. M.S. Mill 1952
The Angel of Death H&S 1961  
Day of the Arrow Collins 1964 US: M. S. Mill William Morrow 1964
W.I.L. One to Curtis Collins 1967 US: Random House 1967
The Dead Men of Sestos Collins 1968 US: Random House 1968
A Mafia Kiss Collins 1969 US: Random House 1968
Photographs Have Been Sent to Your Wife Collins 1971 US: Random House 1971
Voices in an Empty Room Collins 1973 US: Random House 1974
Ask the Rattlesnake Collins 1975 US title: Wrong Man in the Mirror. Random 1975
Lions Ransom Collins 1980  
Sea-Change Collins 1982 US: St. Martin's Press 1982
Death Wishes Collins 1983 US: St. Martin's Press 1983
Loaded Questions Collins Crime Club 1985 Dust jacket credit: Dave Brown
US: St. Martin's Press 1985
Last Shot Collins Crime 1986 US: St. Martin's 1986
Crackpot Collins Crime 1993  
In the Blood Collins Crime 1994  
Ugly Money Collins Crime 1996 Dustwrapper credit: Richard Duckett

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Philip Loraine Biography - More Information
Philip Loraine was a pseudonym for Robin Estridge. He also wrote under his own name and Robert York. He has been somewhat forgotten today by both readers and collectors. Sea Change is a book most crime fiction dealers will be familiar and no self-respecting one will be without a copy on stock.
American first edition books are listed where known including variant titles

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