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This Peter Van Greenaway bibliography or checklist list the crime or mystery books written by the author.
His first two books, The Crucified City (New Authors 1962) The Evening Fool (Hutchinson 1964)were of a non-criminous nature
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Man Who Held the Queen to Ransom
and Sent Parliament Packing
Weidenfeld 1968 US: 1969 Atheneum
Judas ! Gollancz 1972 US: 1972 Atheneum as
Judas Gospel
The Medusa Touch Gollancz 1973 Blue cloth with gilt titles
US: 1973 Stein
Take the War to Washington Gollancz 1974 US: 1975 St. Martin's
Doppelganger Gollancz 1975  
Suffer Little Children Gollancz 1976  
The Destiny Man Gollancz 1977  
A Man Called Scavener Gollancz 1978  
The Dissident Gollancz 1980  
Cassandra Bell Gollancz 1981 Red cloth, gilt.
Edgar Allan Who ? Gollancz 1981  
Manrissa Man Gollancz 1982  
The Lazarus Lie Gollancz 1982  
Graffiti Gollancz 1983  
The Immortal Coil Gollancz 1985  
Mutants Gollancz 1986  
The Killing Cup Gollancz 1987 Red cloth, gilt. Jacket £9.95
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Peter Van Greenaway The Killing Cup

Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown

Peter Van Greenaway ~ Further Information ~ Biography
The author was born 1929 and died in 1988, originally a lawyer before turning full-time author. HI s main series character was Inspector Cherry.

Sample from The Killing Cup
THE MARCHESA is undoubtedly mad" Delivered of indictment the little priest paused, to rest and reflect, on a mossy bridge straddling the icy waters of the Orno, or was it some fugitive tributary from the not so distant Alps in the Gran Paradiso region? The bridge marked the boundary between his parish and the latifondi of the Marchesa Vittoria del Deodati—Madame la Marquise as she was much known. Padre Gaspare Carrema sleeved his perspiring brow, removed his round black hat, not in salutation to the illustrious name fresh in his mind, but as tribute to the Piedmont sun bouncing and rolling off the mountains to bring swelter to the scores of Elysian valleys aspersing the province. Comfortably warm; the stones of the parapet to his touch; cool to the mind that swirl of streamwater below; but the sun above seemed more than usually pitiless, fit, verily, for pagans to worship. Piano! Don't let yourself be upset by godless unmentionables since she is one. With such an errand to perform you must be calm, collected and—and most circumspect. Well pleased by the mot juste he fanned his heated face all the more vigorously. "Indeed, the Marchesa is mad," he repeated, before taking a step that brought him entirely out of his world and into hers. Not a bad world at that, Carrema seemed to convey by his predatory survey. The blossom of a great cherry orchard to his left spread like a linger of snow, mocking the far white of the alpine peaks. To the right an ancient grove of chestnuts bordering the stream's bank followed the turn of the road for half a mile, very nearly to the eastern slopes of the foot-hills on which stood the Castello Deodati itself.


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