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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Absolution By Murder Headline 1994 US: 1996 St Martin's
Shroud for the Archbishop As Above 1995 US: 1995 St Martin's
Suffer Little Children Headline 1995 US: 1997 St Martin's
The Subtle Servant As Above 1996 US: 1998 As Above
The Spider's Web As Above 1997 US: 1999 St Martin's
Valley of the Shadow As Above 1998 US: 2000 As Above
The Monk Who Vanished Headline 1999 US: 2001 St Martin's
Act of Mercy As Above 1999 US: 2001 St Martin's
Hemlock at Vespers As Above 2000 US: 2002 St Martin's
Our Lady of Darkness Headline 2000 US: 2002 As Above
Smoke in the Wind As Above 2001 US: 2003 St Martin's
The Haunted Abbot As Above 2002 US: 2004 St Martin's
Badger's Moon As Above 2003  
Whispers of the Dead As Above 2004  
The Leper's Bell Headline 2004  

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Further Information
Peter Tremayne, born 1943, is a respected historian and expert in the Celtic filed. He has brought this expertise to his Sister Fidelma series. He has written numerous other books though we have included on the Sister Fidelma books in our bibliography. The English editions precede their American counterparts by two years generally. This makes the British editions very much more collectable. Many of the titles are genuinely scarce, due mainly to small print runs and public library allocations. These books have gained quite a following amongst fans of historical mysteries and are highly recommended to those interested in the genre.


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