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Peter N Walker Bibliography

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Peter N Walker aka Nicholas Rhea, Christopher Coram, Tom Ferris
Series Character Carnaby

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles
A well thought of author, by both readers and collectors.
Collectors will find first editions books are not common but not prohibitively priced.
None of the books below were published in America I believe
There are some later reissues which should help readers

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Carnaby and the Hijackers Robert Hale 1967 Cover by Colin Andrews
Carnaby and the Gaolbreakers Robert Hale 1968 Dust cover artist Colin Andrews
Carnaby and the Assassins Robert Hale 1968
Carnaby and the Conspirators Robert Hale 1969
Carnaby and the Saboteurs Robert Hale 1970
Fatal Accident Robert Hale 1970
Panda One on Duty Robert Hale 1971
Special Duty Robert Hale 1971
Carnaby and the Eliminators Robert Hale 1971
Identification parade Robert Hale 1972 Dustwrapper artwork by Colin Andrews
Carnaby and the Demonstrators Robert Hale 1972
Panda One Investigates Robert Hale 1973
Major Incident Robert Hale 1974
Carnaby and the Infiltrators Robert Hale 1974
The Dovingsby Death Robert Hale 1975
Carnaby and the Kidnappers Robert Hale 1976
The MacIntyre Plot Robert Hale 1977
Missing from Home Robert Hale 1977
Target Criminal Robert Hale 1978 Dust jacket design by Malcolm W Grealey
Featuring Chief Inspector John Lnton
Witchcraft for Panda One Robert Hale 1978 Black cloth, silver titles.
Dust jacket priced 3.50
The Carlton plot Robert hale 1980
Carnaby and the Counterfeiters Robert Hale 1980
Carnaby and the Campaigners Robert Hale 1984
False Alibi Constable 1991
Grave Secrets Constable 1992

Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown

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Peter N Walker Biography
Peter Norman Walker, writer, author, was born in 1936 and used several pseudonyms such as Christopher Coram, Tom Ferris, Nicholas Rhea.


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