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Peter Lovesey Early Novels - Series Characters Sergeant Cribb & Constable Thackeray

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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Wobble to Death Macmillan 1970
The Detective Wore Silk Drawers Macmillan 1971
Abracadaver Macmillan 1972
Mad Hatter's Holiday Macmillan 1973
Invitation to a Dynamite Party Macmillan 1974
A Case of Spirits Macmillan 1975
Swing Swing Together Macmillan 1976
Waxwork Macmillan 1978
The False Inspector Dew Macmillan 1982
Keystone Macmillan 1983
Butchers Macmillan 1985 short stories
Rough Cider Bodley Head 1986
Bertie and the Tinman Bodley Head 1987
On the Edge Mysterious Press 1989
Bertie and the Seven Bodies Mysterious Press 1990
The Last Detective Scribner 1991
Diamond Solitaire Little Brown 1992
Bertie and the Crime of Passion Little Brown 1993

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